It’s time for Elephant Man get out of the house

My ankle is so swollen it looks like Elephant Man. That’s reminiscent of a picture in a book from my childhood. It’s ugly. But spraining an ankle is ugly, but lying down all day with my foot up is tedious.

So, today, I and my cane, will head out to Pacifica to purchase my medicines at Walgreens and buy one of those stretching wraps for my ankle.

Walgreen’s is the chosen drugstore for my regular prescriptions. According to my new insurance, they should all be covered by Medicare and free. ¬†Free! Good word.

I consider my fall a set back in my plans to move forward, but it can also be a time to reflect on my next steps. Yes, there will be more steps. I’ll get there.


4 Responses to It’s time for Elephant Man get out of the house

  1. Hope you’re healing quickly. xoxo, S

  2. It must be hereditary. My feet swell when I work with Larry on the sandblasting contractor maintanence job.

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