It’s such a pretty day today….look at the sunshine!

What a beautiful day.

It was warm, with a nice breeze.

I attended church and met a woman who remembered me when I lived in Half Moon Bay for one year back in 2002. She had an amazing memory, for she asked if I was the woman who moved to Costa Rica. She was correct. Will and I had just moved to Half Moon Bay, after I had packed up the house in Soledad and moved everything to our new home. He died only two weeks after we moved in.

I found out two days later then, that I didn’t inherit any of his pensions, and therefore, knew I had to find a job. So I worked for one year in the Bay Area, and then, thinking it would be cheaper for me in Costa Rica, while I worked on the book, “Too Close to the Sun” a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII, I put together a few belongings and began a life in Central America.

Then, after two years there, I moved back to where my old job was open and I worked there until last year.

History tends to repeat itself, for it’s twelve years later, and here I am, needing to find a way to make an income. I am blessed with many skills, and therefore, not anxious about what is in store for me. I only need to find it.

So, tomorrow is another day,  predicted to repeat today’s weather history; it will be warm with a nice breeze. I’m looking forward to the new day.

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