It’s such a pretty day today, look at the sunshine

Who sang that song? I can still hear it.

It is a pretty day, and for the first time in months, I took a walk. I found a path, and believe me, there are many of those in Ft. Ord. I know it would be very easy to get lost if you’re not careful.

I walked on an old path to an old dirt road and saw a young lady walking on the road. I stopped her and mentioned that it would be easy to get lost.

“I know it,” she said. “I’m going down that road.” She pointed to a long up and down road that seemed to go on forever.

I can imagine, I told her, the many soldiers who ran, marched and practiced war games out here on my path and on the road she was on.

She agreed and said that there are often times shell casings still found on the base. She found one, she told me and held out her index finger. “It was this long.”

Can shell casings be as long as a finger? Well, I know nothing about guns so I guess I believe her. I do know that it’s not wise to get off the beaten path, as it may be possible to step on something that would explode.

In spite of ghosts of war on the pathways in Ft. Ord, it is a beautiful day.

I even found a wild turkey in back of our condo, and some wild flowers that popped up in response to the sun. I also found a little pill bug that kept me amused.

Life is good.

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