It’s all coming together

The event is getting closer…this Saturday, at the Portola Hotel and Spa. I have been signing up folks and getting ready to send out a final email to all the volunteers.

My job during the event is to stake out my spot at the Bonzai room where volunteers will check in and out, and where they will  eat from the buffet on their breaks.

It looks like everything is coming together. There are some awesome organizers and that helps more than ever. One person, Paulette Lynch is the executive director, and is calm, patient and insightful. She is a joy to work for. The board president, Lynn Diebold is a retired head of the county emergency office. I actually interviewed her several years ago. I could see then that she is a gifted leader. She’ s no nonsense, detail orientated and generous.

Klara is the administrative assistant who does EVERYTHING. She has given me enormous help with technology. I like her and she wears lots of red!

Jaqui Hope is a gorgeous looking woman and is a singer and actress and is currently showing her talents on various stages in the area. She is also the Arts Council education coordinator who lines of teachers in the schools and various locations to reach children with art.

Elissa is the business manager, married to a professional golfer and has two very polite children, who come to the office once in awhile.

I am, of course, the oldest of the bunch, with the least experience with technology. It’s very humiliating at times. I’ve always been one who never asks for help. I just plain don’t do it. So I suffer along with something I’m supposed to do, until I finally break down and, with precious time left, I ask for help in a tiny, embarrassed voice. You wouldn’t recognize me.


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