It hasn’t been a lazy ten months….that’s for sure!

I submitted the numbers of volunteers and the hours they worked from the beginning of my time until today.

The way I broke it down was to take each time a volunteer signed up for an event and then I tallied up their hours for the record. This reflects the volunteers recruited for First Night Monterey and the Arts Council, as well.

The total number of hours of volunteers for both agencies are a whopping 5,040. The total number of volunteers recruited for both agencies are 856. Thats an average of six hours for each volunteer.

Many volunteers served during multiple events, but were counted each time.

This record does not take into account all of the volunteers recruited by the staff of both agencies. However, some of the numbers here do reflect the recruitment by volunteer office personnel and staff members from both agencies.

It is Monday night, and there are 5 more working days then I’m finished with the ten month experience. I will miss the awesome volunteers, for they are the folks who gave me the most joy.

Tomorrow will be a lunch in my honor, then on Wednesday, the AmeriCorps group and our partners will meet the last time.

My family will help me move on Saturday, and I’ll be in a motel for two nights. I have one last work day on Monday. I also have one more vaccination and need to pick up my last paycheck and then…….

4 Responses to It hasn’t been a lazy ten months….that’s for sure!

  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen…..and on to a new adventure !
    Keep US in the loop !
    Paula and Bud

    • Of course, you’re in the loop…always. It’s going to get real busy around here on Saturday. Brad, Debbie, Brandon, Ronnie and Larry will all help me pack up and move…again. I wonder if my kids wish their mother would settle down?

  2. Paula and Bud

    Laureen……..are you HERE or There ?
    Paula and Bud

  3. Paula and Bud

    Laureen… careful where you point your shoes !
    Paula and Bud

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