Is day-to-day business more complicated?

Insurance. I had a feeling I’d better call the insurance company since my premium went up from $47 a month to over $200.

I couldn’t explain whyI called because it was just from a feeling that I should.

The woman at the insurance company helped me out a bit, and told me that I must fill out some paper work every year in order to receive a lesser amount.

Some kind of benefit. So she sent the insurance information to me by email, but I didn’t see where I was to fill anything out to send back. So I contacted a senior help organization and by email someone tried to understand what it was I needed. That didn’t help, so I guess, I’ll need to find time to call back the first person and see if she/he can help me.

Everything gets more complicated as I get older, or is it that I’m older and it seem complicated? I really do not remember insurance being so hard to understand.

The times we live in,I guess.

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