Irish marketing

I tried to edit a few items from  my last post, but at this hour, my brain is working faster than the Internet.

But I wanted to correct the town of Tralee, which is the correct spelling and Gougane Barra, as well.

If you read the last post, you’ll see that Gougane Barra was a Monastery with rock cells where Monks took shelter.

Also the island of Garinish was on the water near the area of Glengariff which is the home of Maureen O’Hara.

My friends Dermot and Tine have extended their hospitality to introducing me to their friends and the community.

I’ve enjoyed Dermot’s humor as he mixes up his wise cracks with the locals and they with his. Humor exchange is the nature of the Irish. Take for instance, when we were getting our tickets for the Garinish Island, Dermot tried to get a discount, but was thwarted with the ticket-seller’s humor.

Then I offered: “how about a discount for an old lady like myself?”

His reply: “Oh, if I woke up every morning to a gorgeous woman as yourself, I’d let you in free.”

My reply: “Well, for a compliment like that, I’ll pay you double if you let me on your boat.”

How’s that for a quick Irish-type reply? I’m learning.

Then this morning we went to the open market where we saw baked bread of all types, all kinds of olives, and a myriad of good looking tid-bits from Greece and other parts of the world. Dermot purchased his favorites from the sellers, all with usual bantering, some of it just too quick for me to pick up.

Tine headed to her one-morning-a-week job, as a volunteer in a non-profit second-hand store.

Tine stays busy with her many activities and friends. She shared with me some of her creative art-work in hand knitted scarves, sweaters, hats, baby clothing and then she had photos of the many quilts she has made and gave away as gifts.

Both Dermot and Tine have created a lovely, stone terraced garden in their back yard.

There is an abundance of colorful plants and flowers.

On our road trip on Sunday, I was amazed how many fuschia flowers grow wild all along the road-sides. These are plants we see in the United States that are usually growing in pots.

The Tuesday market in Macroom

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  1. Maybe we’ll see some pics of the knit goods and quilts?

    • M-E: I planned on taking photos of Tine and her knitting group, but then I opted to get an earlier bus to Cork. I wanted to get into the hotel (hostel) early to get my paper work ready for the flight into Scotland.
      Sorry to have missed showing off some of Tine’s exceptional work. She even knits her husbands socks…lucky guy.

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