Indonesian elections/Cambodian readiness

My lovely daughter-in-law from Indonesia, exercised her right to vote today at the Indonesian Embassy,  for the Indonesian Presidency. She is in the U.S. legally and loves the U.S.A. She is informed about the U.S., sometimes more than a U.S. citizen, however, she will keep her Indonesian citizenry for awhile.

She dressed this morning before heading up to San Francisco in her red and white colors of the Indonesian flag.

Yesterday, she and I attended the 4th of July parade and she dressed in red, white and blue.

While everyone in the house had places to go this morning, I trudged up to a coffee shop and read the necessary information for my Cambodian experience. I thought I had all I needed, but there were still a few more items for me to purchase, and my suitcase is filling up.

The last thing I purchased is a map of the world so I can point out where I live to the Cambodian students. I’m not certain how old the student will be, but I’m ready for any age. It’s going to be fun!

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