Indonesian Christmas

Brad, Debbie, Ronnie, Michael, Brandon and I all went to the Indonesian Consulate General and his wife’s home high on a San Francisco hilltop yesterday to celebrate Christmas.

Debby knows so many people who attended the party, that it amazes me. She works the room like a diplomat and never hesitates to introduce all of her American family to everyone.

Indonesian food is the best, in my opinion, and the food yesterday didn’t disappoint.

After that we all went to a spot near the Golden Gate bridge and walked around a bit in the fresh air.

Michael and Brandon accept, but not to willingly, to yet, another photo opportunity by their mother. Debby is known for taking photos wherever she is, and it’s fun to see how she gets “her boys” to comply.

Michael, all grown up and handsome, went back to Luther College in Iowa this morning. It was good to see him briefly.

I’m still working at finding volunteers for First Night Monterey. I’m trying to use a positive approach, and just know all of it will work out. I got some positive energy yesterday from the family.





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