Indigenous culture day

The town of Greenfield has been the settling point for several groups of Indigenous-to-Mexico people who work in the Salinas Valley fields. They have a colorful culture, each with a different type of dance, art, music and food. Each group has their own language, and do not have English or Spanish knowledge when they cross the border and find their way to Greenfield.

I have been searching everywhere for volunteers to work on Easter Sunday at the Indigenous Culture Day for the Arts Council of Monterey and First Night Monterey  Children’s Art/Craft table. One supervisor said we’d need 15 people, while one of the event planners said we have enough with the 8 people I have lined up, including myself.

The day promises to be lots of fun with dancing, music and food. I love to learn about various cultures and Sunday will satisfy that desire. But no Easter celebration for me this year.



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  1. Laureen…what ???
    Are you going to have trouble getting paid ????
    How will this affect your plans for Cambodia ?
    Can we help you…..$$$$ ?

    • Thank you Paula and Bud. They have to pay me; it’s the law. However, I have to find a way to make the school wait for it until AmeriCorps releases the stipend.

      Tomorrow, I’ll go over the emails AmeriCorps and the Univ. has sent to me and try to clear it up.

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