It’s Independence Day in America. The day we declared our independence from England, and just another day for my personal independence.

Today I sit in my favorite coffee shop in Felton, California. I call it my favorite because I can sit here all day if I want and on one cup of coffee. The other coffee shop, I must purchase at least $5 of food and stay only for 2 hours.

Independent me, doesn’t like to be told how much I need to spend and how long I can stay, so I go to the other shop and purchase, probably, most days, more than $5.00

I admire the young girl who waits on customers: making different kinds of coffee, smoothies, Italian soda drinks, sandwiches, wraps, bagels, etc. She does the work, and doesn’t look flustered, while there is a long line of folks waiting for her.

I’ve been here at various times, and sometimes no one is here at all.  But that changes with the day and hour.

Today I met a woman in the coffee shop who said she was a retired kindergarten teacher, and only received her pension and social security, and doesn’t know how to live on that. She sleeps in her car and travels from town to town.

She doesn’t know what she wants or where to go. I suddenly felt better off, because I have a positive outlook and know everything will get better. Being independent helps.


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