In the Denver International Airport waiting…

I’ll be back! It will be after 10 p.m. this evening when I land in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, I found a coffee place with two tables, and I’m sitting here taking up one of them, and plan to stay here for a very long time. It’s only 4:30 p.m.

My friend Sonja drove me to the airport all the way from Saratoga, Wyoming, where I’ve been for six days. We stopped off on the way in Centennial, where her late parents had a home. The home is an example of, “The Little House on the Prarie”. Sonja’s “little” brother, Phillip was there with his wife. So we sat for awhile and then got back on the road.

In Saratoga, Mike, Sonja’s son, bagged  an elk. The animals body parts are soaking in water and legs are hanging from the rafters. Everyone is excited. Now they are waiting to hear from Mike’s son, Paul to see what he returns with.

This is cowboys, cattlemen, hunters and  fishermen’s paradise. Everywhere I looked there were stores where you could purchase hunting and fishing supplies and places that will process the meat, treat the skin to use for leather garments or skin with the fur left on for rugs, hanging on walls, or as blankets in very cold times.

On the way down to Denver, we drove through the Medicine Bow-Routt National forest of green pine trees, then onward through plains, and awesome rock formations.

“Oh give me a home where the Buffaloes roam and the deer and the antelope play.” I was right smack dab in the middle of the song.

Sonja, her husband, John; sons, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, brother, granddaughter and friends were such friendly people. I’ll remember this time and the surroundings as warm and pleasant.

P.S. You know those carts that you can put your luggage on? They are free in every country I’ve traveled in. Here in Denver, they cost $5.00!!!!!!

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  1. Laureen….good morning !
    How goes it ? Have you found a place to call home yet ?
    Hope all is well with you and your family…

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