I’m on Iceland National News!

Can you believe this???? I was just interviewed on Iceland National News! I have become the mysterious woman who walks around the town. Now, I will no longer be mysterious. I had gone into the post office to buy a stamp for a post card of Icelandic horses as a birthday greeting to my daughter-in-law Sue Crocker.

The post office was closed so I meandered over to the convenience/restaurant/gas station store. I just happened to be there when a cameraman and a reporter came in. They were there to interview a fourteen year old boy who has his own boat and goes out to the fjord to fish. Someone in the store told them who I was and that I, too, had been a reporter.

So they took me outside, interviewed me, asked me what I was doing in Iceland and in this small town, in particular, so I told them that I was writing a blog about my travels. They had me walk into the store, sit and write notes into my little note book.   Can you believe that this was the ONLY time I did not have my camera with me?????? Oh, well. The men came from Reykjavik to do the boys’ story, but now they have one of me, as well. What a HOOT!

The boy, Jon Fannar Jonsson, has a small motor boat and goes out whenever the weather permits, and fishes to his hearts content. He showed me with his arms the largest fish he every caught. It was a cod fish. His mother works at the local convenience/restaurant/gas station store and was photographed serving coffee to me. Then they interviewed her about her youngest son.

The cameraman, Benedikt Nickolas Ketilsson and the reporter Johannes Kr. Kristjansson had been out with Jon earlier in the day to video him in his boat before they came into the store.

On another note,  I’ve had people asking me how I travel on a dime, and therefore, I will tell you here how I have made all of this possible so far.

The dream to travel-on-a-dime began when a financial guru, well actually just a friend, sat down with me and between both of us we figured out that my working was actually costing me money. I was paying dearly for the upkeep on my car, gasoline, and rent, plus long hours of work that couldn’t be interrupted during the day.  That if I just lived on the social security and any other money coming in from writing, I would be better off.

So back in January, I began to make a plan to journey as far as I could go in one year, on limited income, using creativity, ingenuity and joy. I paid for the first three flights, and the first three places where I’d  be staying while still working. Then with some small savings, a substantial gift, and profit from my books, I was on my way.

Following are traveling tips for those who want to travel on a dime, and to encourage other people of my age to get off the couch and see the world.

1.  It is not necessary to join every tour that is offered wherever you go. Pick one that would thrill you most above all the rest.

2. Listen to people share their lives with you; those from other countries and the people where you are visiting. The greatest gift of all are the people you’ll meet along the journey and that is free.

3. Take local buses around the entire loop. If you’re lucky, the bus driver will point out important sites and give you inside information if you appear to be open to that. Ask for a transfer, and get on another bus.

4. Purchase food at a grocery store, and make eating in a restaurant a special treat.

5. Never expect the same comforts you are used to. Be open and accepting to your surroundings. Try things out; new food,  local customs and manners, and look for the joy in everything.

6. Never, ever criticize the country, city or town. That’s the ultimate insult and will get you nowhere.

The only problem I have experienced is the negativity about the United States. Whenever a person opens a dialog with, “In America they…” I know I’m going to get a slice of negativity pie thrown in my face. Often it’s people who have learned about the U.S. on television or in Hollywood movies. But it’s thrown at me as a fact.

On the other side, I’ve experienced American’s who have spent a week or so in a foreign country, and then consider themselves an expert on that country, with sweeping generalizations.

Remember, it’s your experience!  Enough said.




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  1. What a great day you had! Maybe you could tie a string from your camera to your wrist. It might be difficult to eat, but you will always have your camera for those unexpected events. I’m enjoying your travels every day.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Great idea. I think I should get a tiny camera for my pocket. It was fun and the two men were very nice to me.

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