I’m on a tech learning curve

If I can learn to fly a plane, I can learn this: my mantra for all the new technology that I have avoided but now need to learn for the job.

I thought today was the 15th, so when I discovered it was the 16th and I was a day late to turn in my AmeriCorps hours and notes on how I spent my time, I was scared about what I needed to do. I needed help.

One of the coworkers, and an AmeriCorps leader, chastised me for being late, saying that if I had been earlier, I could have been helped. Now what do I do?

I wanted to be paid, but we have this new complicated system for turning in the hours we work; isn’t that just like the government? Make the paper work long and tedious just to justify our being given a job.

I’m hearing over and over that we are volunteers with stipends, it’s not a job. Well, it sure seems like a job to me, as there is a lot of work to do, and paper work is a big part of it.

Well, some kind soul volunteered to help me get started, and then she left for a meeting, and I had a question before I could continue on. But one other coworker and a wonderfully understanding young lady, said she’d help me. I had to find her first. I finally got it done, so I will be paid. Yea!

I’m working this Saturday and Sunday to help make the Greenfield Harvest Festival a success.


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