I’m old news in this town

Yesterday afternoon, I ‘hot-potted’ it again and met a nice man with his two year old adorable son; adorable until he became jealous of the conversation between his dad and me. He started throwing swim fins and other water toys at my head.

His dad diverted him as you would get a dog to go ‘fetch’. He’d throw something far away and the little guy would bring it back and throw it at me. He was finally subdued a bit when a fisherman got into the hot pot with us and began to play with the little tyke.

The little guys’ dad told me about his job as administrator of the roads in the village and surrounding area. He said the biggest problem was the country government, but didn’t elaborate.

He had also been active as a town council member, and also helped with the education in the schools, but gave up public service to be more with his family.

He has lived in Denmark for four years, and said in order to speak English, he had to first translate it into Danish and then into English. “That’s the problem I’m having,” he said.

His English sounded perfect to me. Those Europeans are amazing on how they can go back and forth between their own language, English and other languages. In the States, we’re lucky to learn a little bit of some other language in high school, but nothing to qualify as fluent.  I wish that would change.

He had a big smile on his face when I got into the hot pot, saying that the townsfolk had been wondering who I was. That’s not the first time hearing that, as others had said the same thing. My appearance in this town is old news now, and I’ll be moving on in seven more days.

I’ve been told that the show I was interviewed for the Icelandic TV will be shown next week. Hope it happens before I leave. The fisherman who joined us in the hot pot was also part of another story, aside from mine, and he gave me what he thought was the time it would air.

Back at home, a gorgeous German couple stayed all night before they took off this morning for the rest of their tour through Iceland. Both are border control agents and gave me some advice about traveling through European countries and how to stay legal. Very nice young woman encouraged me to see Dresden while in Germany. Perhaps, I will.

Yesterday, before the above mentioned activities, I did get to the pharmacy for my heartburn meds. A jolly lady with a great smile helped me graciously.


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  1. Your journal is going to become a most readable book, Laureen. You’ll probably find a publisher before you complete your year of doing research in the field. I’ll buy one of the first copies off the press, Hope you are staying warm. I’m assuming that the houses are insulated there. Take care…

  2. Bob, the houses are geothermal heated and are all very warm.
    Thanks for your good wishes. I hope it will be a good book. It’s certainly a good trip so far.

  3. Dresden is a wonderful city. You’ll love it.

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