I’m no longer a ping-pong ball

It’s never too late to understand oneself.

I have learned a bit about myself this morning. But let’s begin at the beginning. I have the Serius radio built in my car. It came with the car when I purchased the Ford Focus in 2008. It was free for a few months, and then I went ahead and paid for the service until I left in April last year. It isn’t that costly, and it has many stations that are nice when traveling distances. When I worked as a reporter, I could get to work feeling great after having listened to Elvis, or Frank Sinatra, or the happy music of show tunes, or even a comedy station.

But when I returned, and got my car out of storage from my son, Larry’s ranch, the radio didn’t work. I was a ping pong ball until this morning.

I’d call Serius and would go through the question and answer period every time, and there were eleven times total: your name, your address, your problem….on and on and on, only to be told during the fourth conversation, that it was the problem with the Ford Dealership in Salinas. So I took the time to drive down to the Salinas Ford Dealership where the technician checked everything out, and who told me it was the fault of the Serius company.

Back to Serius: you know the drill. Then I was told the radio needed a tuner, so instead of going to Salinas, I opted to go to the local Ford dealership in Half Moon Bay, where they were going to charge me $150, with no guarantee it would work. The Serius tech guy told me Serius and Ford have a contract and they should refund the $129 I put out. But Ford in Half Moon Bay told me my warrantee was no longer in effect and they would never refund that.

I stormed out and drove down to Salinas again.

The manager of Salinas Valley Ford was so nice. He called in the original tech guy and he went through the whole testing service again, and even spoke with a technician at Serius, but not the man who originally told me of the need for a tuner. This new person said that now the radio needs a new modular, which includes a tuner. I paid for that and when it comes here, it will be with a manual and my grandson and son will help me install it.

During this confusing and very frustrating situation, I got the name and address of the Serius CEO and sent him a registered letter. I hadn’t heard anything from him, so my unhappiness overcame my eagerness to get going on my life back here in the good old U.S. of A (a la Archie Bunker).

But the CEO listened, and I received a call from someone in the customer service department. She said after we install the modular/tuner, to call her back to make certain it works. If not, she’ll take it from there. She apologized and said they would refund the cost of the work in Salinas Ford and also the cost of the modular/tuner.

Now I got a spurt of energy from this situation, and I’m amazed how set back I can feel when something not my fault comes hailing down on me. I did believe that a positive solution would eventually come about, but the frustration made me sad. I wonder why?

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