I’m in Zurich

I’m in Winterthur Seen in Switzerland at a home of the lovely Brigit. Brigit is a college professor, bright and thoughtful, and in tune with world politics. Her apartment is in a lovely posh neighborhood, surrounded by trees and shrubs, two and three story houses.

I left Malaga at 5:30 a.m. in a taxi I shared with a couple from Ireland, and left Malaga by Vueling Airlines for Barcelona where I spent six hours waiting for the next flight out to Zurich.

I walked up and down the airport corridors, looked at the duty free shops, and ate food and drink at various restaurants. Anyway, six hours came and went and then it was time to board for Zurich. I hoped for a seat companion from Switzerland so I could ask some questions. Lucky me. A nice woman and her husband sat with me and gave me encouragement about how to get where my hostess lives.

Not only that, she went with me, pulled one of my suitcases up and down the elevator and escalators until we finally went into a train information/ticket office where I purchased the tickets to Winterthur.

In Winterthur, I asked another lady if she would help me find out where to catch the Winterthur Seen train and she, not only helped me, but stayed with me until it was certain we were at the right station.

Then at Winterthur Seen, I had to catch a bus for the final destination, which would let me off at the bottom of a hill that I would need to climb to get to Brigit’s place. By then it was dark.

The bus driver was a crabby kind of guy and tried to tell me something and I still don’t know what he said.

Anyway, I got off the bus and found another kind soul who told me how to find Brigit’s house.

When I got to the top of the hill, pulling my baggage, and found the house, Brigit wasn’t there.

She eventually showed up on a bicycle. She rides to work on the bicycle, and on her free time, she rides on long journey’s throughout Europe.

She has four long haired part Siamese cats, who are guaranteed to sleep with me tonight.

Brigit had made a delicious pumpkin soup, and shared several types of Swiss cheese, and I bid her good night. It was a very long day.


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