I’m in Tangier, Morocco

Taxi’s, buses, ferry, rain, people helping people, twelve hours it took and now I’m here. Will write the story tomorrow.



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  1. Laureen, aka “Superwoman”. If I had to experience what you have experienced in your latest journey I would have probably folded over a number of times. What endurance you have! In all of it you never lose your gracefullness.
    Bud & Paula

    • Oh, I lose my gracefulness all the time, but thanks for the compliment. I’m on the fifth floor of a hotel where I can look down and see many men – it’s a man’s world here, and most are in their robes. A few women in robes, as well, accompany them, but they are few and far between.
      The manager of the hotel told me not to go very far away, so I’m paying attention to what he tells me to do. Tomorrow I’ll have a guide who will show me the old part of town, and I’ll be safe with him. He’s a licensed guide and recommended by the hotel. It’s a VERY different world!!!

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