I’m in Croatia

Hi everyone,

I just arrived in Croatia, in the city of Split on the Adriatic Sea. I’m told its beautiful here, so I’m looking forward to get to the town in the morning.

I did see some of it on my way to the hostel, but in the dark. I met a lovely young lady on the bus from the airport. She  lives close to the hostel and she walked with me and even helped carry some of my ‘stuff.”

It’s hot here. Didn’t think I’d ever say that, as from the time I left California I’ve seen more rain than in my whole life. I  love cold weather so this will be another challenge for me.

I’ll write more about how I got here tomorrow. It’s almost 11 p.m. and I am very tired. Good night all.

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  1. Laureen…Split ??? Does it mean divided ? Or is it a name ?

    • From a website: The ancient original city draws its name from the spiny broom (calicotome spinosa; brnistra or žuka in modern Croatian), a common shrub in the area, after which the Greek colony of Aspálathos (Aσπάλαθος) or Spálathos (Σπάλαθος), from which the city originates, was named. As the city became a Roman possession, the Latin name became “Spalatum”, which in the Middle Ages evolved into “Spalatro” in the Dalmatian language of the city’s Romance population. The South Slavic version became “Split”, while the Italian version was “Spalato”. During a period in the early 19th century the name was “Spljet”, and finally “Split”.

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