I’m almost home

I’m at my lovely nieces home in Broomfield, Colorado, near Denver, my hometown. It’s good to see Colorado again.

My nephew, John picked me up and took me to lunch. What fun!

I’m being well cared for and look forward to getting up to speed with all of my obligations and countless paperwork to finish up the AmeriCorps and the Cambodian experience.

Next, in a few days I’ll be in Vallecito, where I lived for several years…high in the mountains. Lovely…can’t wait.

Now, back to the flying business: when I was in San Francisco I was called to the reservation counter with the request that I fly out on an earlier flight. So I did, and then waited on the tarmac for another hour. I began to worry about where I’d pick up my luggage and would it be with the old flight or the new flight. And where would I meet Lori?

I went round and round trying to figure it all out, and then I got a message from Lori telling me she would wait for me at the train. This would be after I pick up my  luggage and go through one more check. She was there….

Then, I began to wonder if I had made a huge mistake by booking my carry on in regular booking. It had my camera, medicines, gifts and so much more. I was stupid to do that, but in Cambodia, the suitcase was a bit overweight and I just didn’t feel like adjusting the weight between the suitcases and then get back in line for another one hour wait. I’d take the chance.

So, the suitcases were where they were supposed to be, we checked that with a customer service who had the information on the computer…amazing how they can tell you right where your luggage is.

We picked it up, stopped on the way to Lori’s place at McDonald’s for an American cup of coffee, and then at Lori’s house, I reluctantly looked into my luggage, which I saw that it had been forced opened.

Well, everything was there; along with a note that the customs agents had broken into check it out. The note said it was to keep travelers safe..My son Brad, said  that was probably part of Homeland Security.  My pad lock was wrapped up in cellophane paper.

All is good!


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