All I can say about this is ?

This will tickle your funny bone, wherever that is:I left my keys somewhere to the apartment, so I traced my steps.
In and out of stores. “Oh, you poor thing. She lost her keys,” the lady shouted to the back of the store. She gave me a hug.
“What do they look like?” The lady in the back shouted.
“Well,” I said, a key with lots of color on it and two other keys.”
The hugging lady shouted, “they have lots of color on one key and there are two other keys.”
“Did they have anything that would show us they are yours?” The back lady shouted.
“Yes, there’s a piece with an L on it.”
The hugging lady shouted, “there’s a piece with a L on it.”
“No, no keys have been turned in here.” The lady in the back shouted.
I’m asking now, why did I have to describe something if nothing had been turned in?
Walking on down to another store, that by now, have all been closed, I saw them. They sit on a counter of a closed up store.
I’ll pick them up tomorrow.

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