If there is a will there is a way

My headline could also read, If there is a way, there is a will.

The WAY I took today was to the senior legal services where for free you can create a will. It’s amazing to me where my age is taking me these days. I’m  kicking and screaming, all the WAY, for sure.

It’s hard enough to admit that age is creeping up on you, but what it makes you do  is harder to accept. But, one must!

So, I didn’t want to leave the country again without having a will; it’s not a premonition, it’s just a more realistic thing to do. When I arrive back, I’m going to continue letting my ‘stuff’ be other peoples’  ‘stuff’ until they feel old enough to give that ’stuff’ away to someone else.

When I walked inside the senior center I was floored at what all is offered to those people who are retired. In one room couples were  jitter-bugging, complete with a disc jockey turning records, well CD’s anyway. And when I returned on my WAY out, they were doing the twist.

Others were sitting in a book club, discussing a book they had read, and others were having their income tax prepared, and others were loafing around.

So I did what one is expected to do at a certain age, and now I ask what is next?

Well, there are places I want to go, and Cambodia is only a few short weeks away. I’ve been reading up on some of the cultural expectations that I must know upon arriving in that foreign country. One is not to shake hands with the left hand, and don’t hand anyone anything with the left hand. Do not touch people on the top of their heads and do not point your feet at anyone.

That’s just the the tip of the palm tree-for I know there is a lot to learn, and I’m certain to learn for if I have the will I’ll find the WAY.



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