Icelandic fashions and salty fish


Took my usual walk around Reykjavik after first having morning coffee in a cozy place with my new friend Gergo. Sitting by the window, it was fun to observe teenagers walking to school, the girls wearing their fashion of tights under short-shorts or skirts, coats with fur-lined hoods and boots of all kinds.

The warm woolen, hand-knitted sweater is the normal fashion statement by the majority, however.

Then there is the high fashion look that is showcasing Iceland as a new fashion center. I call it shabby chic: off-center  cuts, one sleeve with the other one open, shirts over tops and over skirts and over lacy slips, with boots up to the knee, and let’s not leave out the dripping fringe and woolen ruffles out of the mix.

On my walk, I made a reservation at the information house for the Blue Lagoon; it is a spa about forty minutes away from Reykjavik where people bath in the warm healing geothermal seawater, outside in the natural Icelandic air.

Also made a reservation to see the opera La Boheme at the new opera house. I promise a photo of that. Going to the opera reminds me when in Germany, Juliane and I went to see a German opera with subtitles in Italian. Not fluent in either language, she had printed a summary of the story in English for me before we left. It didn’t take too long until I was confused with the story  line. On a break Juliane admitted she printed out the wrong story.

So, La Boheme will be sung in Italian with Icelandic subtitles.

At the new impressive opera house I ordered lunch; herring over rye bread. When it arrived to my table, it was a surprise to see that the sauce on top of the chucks of herring was purple. It matched the chair I was sitting on. It turns out that the sauce was made of beet root. Not often do I turn back a meal, but this was so salty that if another fish had eaten it, it would have died.

To top it off, the butter for the extra bread had chunks of salt on top of it. Couldn’t eat it, and told the waitress it was just too salty. And no, I didn’t want anything else, other than a cup of coffee. When I paid the bill, the manager had given me a discount and the coffee was free.



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