I was a bother to some folks today.

I spent an hour and one half at the Monterey Farmer’s Market trying to interest folks into signing up as volunteer for First Night Monterey, this was after spending six hours on the phone and email in the office.

It was interesting to watch peoples’ reaction to me walking up to them. I’d get their attention and ask them to be a volunteer for First Night. Some folks knew right away what the event was all about, others were from out of town, and others didn’t want me to bother them.

Some folks stopped and gave me a moment to give my spiel and then tell me they weren’t interested, but smiled politely and walked away.

There was a  teen aged boy who stopped, listened, told me he would be in San Francisco for New Years, and couldn’t volunteer. Then he told me I looked nice. He liked the scarf I was wearing and wished me luck. What a nice young man. His mother can be proud of him.


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