I must be in panty heaven

I have 39 pairs of panties. They sit  on a shelf in a coordinated rainbow of white, red, blue, black, zebra and lion stripes and orchids.

During my youth, we were not poor, nor were we rich. But I realized my parents had financial struggles, probably no different than other families. But I knew at an early age not to ask for anything.

So, my panties wore out. Once I walked downtown Denver with some friends. I was junior high age and wearing panties that  had lost it’s stretch in the elastic. I grabbed the panties through my skirt and hung on so they wouldn’t fall off.

The seat of my creativity was born when I  had to climb aboard a street car, put my money in the money box, and hang on to my panties at the same time.

It was about that time of my life that I believed only really rich women had lots of pretty panties. So my dream was if I got really rich, I would always  have lots of pretty panties that wouldn’t fall down.

When I left on my journey last year, I packed only two pairs of panties, and wore one, of course. But sometimes it wasn’t possible to wash them, and easier to purchase them…so I ended up with more pairs of panties when I returned. Then, the same thing happened….I haven’t always had a convenient way to wash my clothes, since I have returned, so I just purchased some more panties. That was easier.

Now that I’m in a condo, and got bags of stored clothing from storage,  I found a cache of panties, so now that makes 39 pairs all together.

I am finally rich!



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