I must be a ghost

It was a too difficult assignment last night for the one class I taught of teenagers. I  wrote a sentence on a piece of paper and gave one to each group of two students. They were to complete the story any way they wanted to take it.

They just couldn’t seem to understand, but after many tries, they did come up with another sentence for each group. It was a disappointment for me because I thought it would give them the opportunity to be silly and have some fun. They took it very seriously.

I then quit and went to another subject, and they felt relieved, I think.

I told them about the five w’s: who, what, where, when and why.

On my way from my room to the center of the Wat, I had to pass some construction workers, who were putting up a house. When they say me, their jaws dropped, they stopped what they were doing and watched me walk away. I turned and smiled; they looked as though they had seen a ghost.

I can assume when that happens, that I am quite different looking from the darker skinned women with shaved heads dressed in white, and if they have not seen many foreigners, I must be an  exotic specimen  to them.

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