I have wheels

I have wheels! After one whole year of buses, trams, taxi’s and planes, I have my own Ford Escort.


My son Ronnie picked me up in Half Moon Bay and after we talked awhile we drove to Aromas and had barbecued chicken with my other son, Larry and his wife, Sue.

Afterward we turned on the radio and heard my grandson, Bobby Crocker playing baseball in the Ports, the farm league for the Oakland A’s.


Today was a real homecoming, as I got to re-experience the good, old mellow feeling I always get as I get close to Santa Cruz where I raised my three sons.


While I was on my journey, I sent accumulated papers, brochures, maps and other material to “Laureen’s Car, in care of Larry Crocker.” So tonight, getting back to Half Moon Bay and dragging packages back from my car, I was surprised to see how much I had sent back. Amazing.


Moving along, step-by-step. I’m getting there.

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  1. Laureen…..did you say you would be on your way to see some one after you visit with us.?…..or can you stay for supper ?


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