I have a screw loose

I have a screw loose! That happened this morning when I tried to make my first cup of coffee. It’s one of those deals where you put the coffee into a glass container, then pour boiling hot water into it and on top of the coffee grounds; then you press  down  a spring-loaded handle until the water is squeezed out of the grounds. It makes a muddy cup of coffee, it’s  okay: it’s not perfect: it’s not Starbuck’s quality, but coffee all the same.

This morning the whole thing came apart and when I tried to figure out how to put it all back together, with the spring and the filter, etc….It was missing a tiny screw. It may be tiny and insignificant, but my future here in this house with coffee depends on that little screw. It wasn’t on the floor or the counter; and I even tried to wade a bit through the garbage, until I told myself to stop that!

I went down to the town to the grocery store and showed the manager what I needed. She couldn’t help me but tried to find the words to tell me where a car repair shop is located, and where I could possibly get some help.

Then I walked catty-cornered to the Grill and ordered lunch. It was a crepe, stuffed with rice, corn and cheese and a salad. While sitting there, a table full of workmen sat next to me, and while I couldn’t understand a thing they were saying, I realized how laughter is universal. They could have been joking about me for all I know, but their laughter made me feel good.

After lunch I showed Hulda the part of the coffee part I needed to fix with a little screw, and she also told me about the car repair shop.

So I’ll go there tomorrow and see what they can do. Meanwhile, today is a holiday and most everything is closed, including schools, post office, town  offices, etc. I asked four people what the holiday was all about and no one new the answer. “It has something to do with Easter,” Hulda said.



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  1. If you don’t find the screw, a paper clip might suffice until you get the thing to the auto repair place. Sounds as though you may have found a second home, Laureen. Please take care. Best Regards, Bob

  2. I got it fixed this morning. I’ll write about yesterday’s adventure, soon.

  3. I think the best coffee is camp coffee. We wouldn’t wash the pot all the time we were in camp, just dump in more grounds and more water. It was always better than Starbucks. Camp coffee is much like Navy coffee.

  4. Okay, I’m sort of like in the Navy, here.

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