I have a part time job

Judith opened the door and was relieved to see me. It was the first day on the job yesterday and I could see the need for me to be there immediately. She is overwhelmed with paper-work, shopping needs, and visits to her husband who lives in a rest home, a 45 minute drive away.

She is not well but is doing her best to make a life without her husband, and a dwindling financial resource. Her home is a lovely house near the ocean and she wants to stay in it, inspite of the huge mortgage and the cost of her husband’s living situation.

I helped her a bit, drove her to the store for a list of grocery items, the cleaners, the bank and then to the rest home; all with her cute little dog in tow.

I’ll go back again today for a few hours and hope I can again be of some help.

She told me yesterday that she thought about getting therapy, but decided to put the money to use by hiring me. I hope I can be of some help to her.

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