I folded, stuffed, stamped and boxed

There were no volunteers to take on the folding and stuffing of papers into envelopes to be sent to potential donors for the Arts Council, so I volunteered.

I wanted to fold the brochure to be flat and smooth,  fitting nicely into the accompanying letter, not wrinkled all up and then shoved into an envelope. I also wanted the stamp and address label to be straight.

Not usually a compulsive person, this was one time I got completely wrapped up in doing an exemplary job at something very easy. I had to make certain the name on the letter matched the name on the label that I pulled off a sheet.

I day dreamed. It was nice not having to think too much; I just set up my own assembly line and went to work.

One thing I dreamt about were those IBM cards we used to get in the mail or even in school, and where it stated: “do not spin, fold or mutilate this card”.

I often wondered what would have happened if I did spin that card? Would I have been put in jail? How would you spin it, anyway? In the dryer?

Then my mind went to the tag on my new pillow that warned me  that if I removed that tag, it would be under a penalty of law.

My mind wandered here and there and before I knew it I had accomplished the task, but now I’ve learned there will be about four times more to finish. For certain I’ll have to get a volunteer. I must get back to thinking.


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