I cut my losses

How long does it take a person to cut their losses, and go on to what is best for you? It’s taken me a lifetime, but I’m getting better.

I had to ask myself this morning: What is a 74 year old woman doing in a tiny, hot room, with three men,  a German, a Swede, and a Scotsmen…all with stinky feed, and loud snorers. (I’m sure I did my share of that, as well.)

And….I woke up in the middle of the night seeing an arm with a hand, fingers extended, hanging out over the top bunk, like it was trying to reach me. It was in silhouette, and for a minute, I forgot where I was.

I couldn’t get any sleep and the bed from the bunk up above me squeaked all night. And the community room was noisy far into the night.

I deserve better in my 74 years, so I requested an upgrade to a private room. It’s going to cost me, but for four more days, I’ll have some peace and quiet, and to my knowledge, no one will try to get me in the middle of the night.


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  1. Oh, Laureen, good work! I caught up with all your bloggy posts yesterday, and I’m thrilled to be able to participate in your grand adventure, stinky feet and all. So how much were you paying for the small room, and how much will you be paying for the private room? Is this a tacky question? If so, don’t answer! But then, I’m a practical person.

    • Hi there!
      I hope you’ll go back and get some idea of my time up in the Arctic Circle. That’s much more interesting than the latest stinky feet post. For four days it is 55 euros a day for the upgrade. I’m not in the dive now and got some rest. The place where I was downstairs reminded me of the bottom of a cargo ship where the slaves were kept in crowded and hot conditions. Not that bad, but it was crowded and hot. I’m better now. Thanks for the comment and keep reading. In five days I’ll be in the Faroe Islands.

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