Hugging a boa constrictor

My travel partner, college  student, Kate, from Fullerton and I headed off to Viet Nam yesterday. Kate and I are both in the same program but she is a volunteer in an orphanage while my time is spent in the Buddhist Wat.

Kate and I spent six hours from Phnom Penh to Ho Chin Min and for about 4 hours I needed a bathroom, but was told we would get a break when we arrive at the border. We’re always reminded to drink lots of water because of the sweltering heat, and I’m been taking that seriously. One quart of water before heading for the border was a big mistake.

I spent the next day in bed after I purchased some anti-biotic for the bladder abuse, rested up and drank more water. Anti-biotic over the counter…imagine that.

But today, I felt great! We joined a tour group that began in the morning and ended at night. We actually made a round trip, first on the bus, then a boat, then a row boat, then back on the bus again. We saw a coconut candy making facility and a bee hive action where honey is manufactured.

candy making

I looked at the row boat and wondered how the heck I would get on it. It was in the water, and there was an old beat up ramp I had to step on to board. One young lady got on board and tried to help me in. She fell and we nearly turned the boat over. We continued down the river through a lush jungle and then it began to rain. It did more than rain…it poured. I was soaked all the way to my skin. My pants were so wet that when I tried to get out of the boat the pants nearly fell off. Try to hold on to a bag of honey, a camera, a purse, and my hat, pull up your pants and get off the boat without tipping it over.

boatget on the boat

We got to our lunch place and were invited to hold a boa constrictor. One man volunteered and so I thought, heck, I can do that. So I did. Well, nearly everyone did get a chance to be hugged by big snake. He didn’t seem to mind.

I’m pretty tired tonight, so I’ll have some more time tomorrow. We’re going to a war zone memory and then to the market. feeling constricted


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  1. Hi, pointed to this blog by Kem. Interesting stories and travels. Keep going and keep blogging…with good wishes,

  2. Paula and Bud

    Laureen……please stick to FEATHER boas……..that snake likes to squeeze !!

  3. Hi Laureen, I enjoy reading your blog very much. You rock, lady!
    Keep save. xoxo

    • It’s difficult to post sometimes Klara. But I keep trying. I’m now back at the Wat from three days, four nights in Viet Nam.

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