How to get to Saratoga, Wyoming

Once I get back from Cambodia and land in Denver, I plan to visit my niece Lori and nephew John and their families.

I will also be reunited with my cousins, Beverly and Claudia, who both live in and near Colorado Springs.

Sometime shortly thereafter, I’ll go and stay with my friend, Marilyn, in Vallecito, the woman I have traveled with and who met me inBerlin at Christmas and New Year time. There will be a few folks I’ll say hello to while near Durango.

I will also visit my sister-in-law in Montrose, and another friend in Glenwood Springs.

Now, does anyone know how I can get from Denver or thereabouts to Saratoga, Wyoming where I could visit my childhood friend? I won’t have a car or the funds to rent one, but if there is a bus or train, I could manage that. Ideas????

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  1. Sonja Collamer

    There is no public transportation to Saratoga, but lets make a plan to get together while you are in the Rockies. I could come down there and see you, and depending on your travel schedule bring you back to Saratoga. I’ve forgotten the time frame for your visit to the Denver area, is it later in the Summer?
    Looking forward to your visit,Sonja

    • Hi Sonja,

      I’ll spend some time figuring out a schedule of some sort for when I return. Right now I’m immersed in ‘stuff’. I’ll be back in Colo on Aug. 14 and will spend some time getting over jet lag at my nieces place, first. This I know!

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