Holland in San Francisco

Brad, Debby and I trudged up to San Francisco to the working windmill where the Dutch took over the park. Orange, the Dutch royal color was seen everywhere on people, balloons and flags.

Food was sold in kiosks with long lines of people seeking their favorite Dutch and Indonesian goodies.

Some American’s may not get the connection between The Netherlands and Indonesia. Indonesia was a Dutch colony for nearly 400 years until they fought for their independence in the 50’s. Indonesia food in Holland is like Mexican food is to the U.S., although the U.S. didn’t colonize Mexico. So that’s a loose way to associate the similarities. Indonesian food is my favorite.  I’ve often said that it must be served in heaven, it’s that good.

The event at the windmill was the annual celebration of Queen’s Day. This is a special celebration because it also was the day Queen Beatrix turned her crown over to her son.








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  1. Laureen……can you discribe Indonesian food ? Do they use a lot of veggies ?

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