HMMM,People and their dogs!

I had to leave the Sunset office so the computer geniuses could do whatever they had to do with all the computers. I went to lunch at The Basil.

I had a vegetable soup, and it was delicious. It’s a cute restaurant with tables and blankets out doors. I opted to eat indoors, but asked for a blanket.

I sat at a table facing the outdoor eating place and watched some crazy people with their dogs. What makes a grown woman do what I saw her do?

I do like dogs and all animals, in fact, but sometimes it goes too far to make me happy.

She was dressed all in black, hair tightly pulled back in a sophisticated bun, wearing gold jewelry and had a designer hand bag that matched her dog.

This Jackie-look-alike sat the big dog, and I’m talking BIG dog on her lap while sitting at the table. The dog’s tongue was wagging all over the table,  sniffing and slurping up  left over crumbs.

Then she put him down and began picking her nose. The food came and was placed on the table. Forks of food went to the dog.

Carmel is known for a city that loves dogs. There are several dog stores where all kinds of toys, food, blankies, dog sleeping beds and you name it….Doris Day even opened a doggie-blessed tea room and hotel.

When the waiter came over to me I mentioned the dogs I could see. “This is nothing. You should see it in the summer. There are more dogs than people.”

Then he told me about another restaurant, where he worked, a well known one, he said, that has 28 ounce steaks on the menu. Two for $90, he said. “One day a couple came in with their dog and ordered the $28 steak deal and gave the other whole  one to the dog. They came back the next night and did the same thing. And think about the starving folks in Africa and other places,” he said. His words, not mine.

But, yeah, about the hungry people in the world? Wouldn’t they rather be a dog and live in Carmel-by-the Sea?

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