Hello from Cambodia

I just arrived in the Golden Gate Hotel after an all day of being in the air. No sleep for one whole day. And so far, I’m not tired. I cannot, for the life of me, sleep on an airplane.

AsianaAirline flight attendants are charming and pay close attention to detail, and always with a smile. I love their fashionable uniforms, too.

When I got out of the airport, in Phnom Penh, after filling out several papers, including a visa, necessary for the time I’ll be here, Sophak Touch was standing with a group of people waiting for their folks. I saw my name on a paper he held up. He is responsible for the time I spend here, showing me around and helping me out with teaching.

I got here a few days early so I can get over jet lag and acclimated to the heat.

Sofak  called a taxi and for about 10 minutes we went through several neighborhood shopping areas, with small stores, still opened for business.

I taught Sofak about Mom and Pop stores. He now has one more bit of American slang.

Also on the road are some large buildings and a memorial for the king who died, and another structure – all lit up for the day Cambodia got their freedom – back in the 1990s.

We got to the hotel and a cute young boy with reddish hair and a sweet smile, carried my suitcases up to my room, and very gentlemanly, pointed to his bare feet. Oops! First mistake, I didn’t take off my shoes. There will be many learning opportunities ahead of me.

I have to admit, bowing to me is strange, but I like the respect. I must show the same respect to others, and it is well structured as to who you bow to, and how you do it.

This hotel is nice and located within a bustling tourist location, and the bedroom is large, clean and nice. And…the air conditioner works! Yea!

Sophak asked me if I’d like to go shopping tomorrow with some other volunteers who have been here for awhile, and I’d like to do that, but I really need some time to rest up before I venture out beyond this neighborhood. He promised me there would be other opportunities to shop.

Before I left San Francisco Airport, where my daughter-in-law, Debby took me, I began to wonder if I accomplished the task of turning my cell phone into International calling, I got off of an elevator at the gate and right in front of me was a gentlemen, Taru, who beamed intelligence. He works in the tech industry as an engineer and is going home to India for a visit.  I think we have the phone connected correctly. Thanks to Taru!

Everywhere I go there is always someone ready to help out; good people in the world.


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  1. Hi Laureen,

    Greetings from Salinas!
    It is very exciting reading. I am slowly catching up.
    I feel like I am there with you. Klara

    • Hi Klara,

      I was in a remote place, actually a monastery without wifi. So I’m back in PHnom Pehn just tonight. I’m going to Viet Nam tomorrow. I’m writing more tonight.

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