Happy Mother’s Day early


This is my mother, Aileen.

She loved the outdoors and would marvel at the beauty of a spider web. She could sit an watch and wonder over the hard work of the ants in an ant pile. The veins on a leaf intrigued her.

The birds that took baths in the bird bath, and the cheerful sounds they made in the morning created a good day for herself. We caught that good cheer in the morning before heading off to school.

When the family came home from work, play or school,  she had stories about the antics of the squirrel, the cat and the rooster that chased each other around the big tree in the back yard.

She was thrilled to see her planted seeds spring up through the soil.

She was a good neighbor, a lovely friend and a wonderful mother. I was blessed.


2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day early

  1. Sonja Collamer

    I was also blessed to have your mother in my life. Oh the adventures we Campfire Girls had with her as our guide!

    • Hi Sonja,

      We did have some fun. Remember the soup hike, where everyone brought one can of soup and we put it all into one big pot and that was lunch? Then we slid down a water slide between two big rocks? We went on that hike with a naturalist, but I don’t remember where it was.

      I’m sorry that I didn’t always share my mother very kindly.

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