Hanging in there

The place that I have in my mind, but haven’t seen yet due to a unfortunate accident in the family of the renters. I have been promised a view of the place in a few days. I’m giving them plenty of time to sort out what has happened.

I really like the person who spoke with me, and I’m hoping it works out for all of us. Without seeing it, the place sounds perfect for my needs.


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  1. Laureen……so glad you have found a place to call home !
    …and glad that beautiful cat returned home !
    Please send us your mailing address.
    We will be attending Lucy’s book signing this week.
    I plan to get copies for the g’grand kids and one for self…..for when they visit.
    Attended the Soledad chamber meeting yesterday……Ida Chan spoke……she is a real success story !
    Good to see many old friend….lovely lunch…AND I won the big prize!!!!! A really lovely, big afghan made and donated by Beverly Willits !!!!!
    It’s been a good week…..Except…….Bud has a sick leg ! Going for p.t. this aft. Hope it helps, as he is hurting !
    Keep in touch….

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