Hang man

Teenagers are the same the world around. I had two classes tonight of teenagers and the first class was a bit rambunctious. I had to tell them to respect me and what that I was trying to help them. They got very quiet and took a test. I almost thought maybe I was too strong.

Later I rewarded them by playing hang man, and they love/d that game. I taught it to them one of my first days. The noise picked up a lot, which included screaming out of fun. I don’t mind noise if it’s in the realm of learning. Well, they quickly got over my scolding and I did too. Think I’ll miss these kids.

I did the same teaching for the second class and it was very different. Just goes to show the chemistry of a group can take over. I showed photos and some videos on my computer about the Half Moon Bay 4th of July Parade. The first group hooted and hollered and laughed at the people, where the second group focused and showed interest.

The strange thing is, I gave the same test to both groups, and the first one scored better as a group then the second group. Interesting.

I have only three more days left, with six classes, and then my time is over here.

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