Handball and other action

What a day!

It started with my feeling better today.

Nathalie and I took Demsay to catch a ride to where his team would play handball. Demsay is the goal keeper. I think the goal keeper must be a contortionist to reach the ball, all the while not knowing where it’s going to wind up.

It was an exciting game and I understand it is one of the fastest sports. Really quick action is needed to succeed in the game.

Demsay, the goal keeper!

One of the parents on the team where I sat, beat a drum, and the other parents clapped in rhythm during the game. The other teams’ parents sat stoically in their seats.

Demsay’s team is ranked fourth in the section, while the team they played is ranked number one. Demsay’s team did remarkably well, especially during the second half, and the score ended in a tie. Not bad.

After the game, Nathalie was driving me to Echterdingin, where Andy, Ilona and their daughters Lucy and Rosalie would be ready to greet me. The address of Andy was not with us, we learned as we headed down the road, but I knew if we found McDonald’s and used their wifi system, I’d be able to find the address on my computer/address file.

“Where the heck is McDonald’s when you want them?” I said and I can’t believe I really meant this, as I find McDonald’s in the most obnoxious places: in front of parliament buildings,  museums, castles, palaces and many important sites…there is that annoying golden arch.

So when we saw one we both let out a cheer, until…we went inside and found that this McDonald’s doesn’t offer it. Nathalie asked some youngster if I could use his phone to access my email account. I got nervous trying to type my password into his tiny phone with my big fingers while four people watched. I quit!

Then we went to another restaurant, and with Pascal’s (Natalie’s oldest son – and a nice young man)  guidance on his phone to his mother, we managed to get the address, and then we were on the right road. Nathalie called Andy and he came walking out to where we stopped the car.

Pascal will someday discover a star and the star will be named after him.


I haven’t seen Andy and Ilona for six years and now they have two darling little girls.

The girls, six and three, speak only German, but they are learning English words, and appeared happy to meet me. I’m going to have a great time here with this family.

Andy is my  great nephew by marriage to my late husband, Will, and now, of course, he’s mine! He has no choice. We go back around twenty years when he first visited us in Colorado. At that time he had long blond ringlets and was a wild and funny guy.

Now and keeps his hair short. He’s a family man and shows how much he enjoys his role of daddy.






2 Responses to Handball and other action

  1. Laureen. So very glad you are feeling better !
    We really enjoy meeting your friends along the way…..and you do have great friends !
    Today I recieved a note from Amazon asking me to make a comment on your book. I sure will !
    Keep well.

    • Thank you. I’m surprised Amazon is asking that of you again.

      All is good here. There’s snow on the ground and I’m getting ready for a walk.

      The little girls here are really cute. They are learning English from me and I’m learning German from them.

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