Halloween used to be my favorite holiday next to April Fools Day.

My friend Sonja reminded me about the bonfires we had on a vacant lot next door to my family’s house. Neighbors would bring bushels full of autumn leaves and pieces of wood, limbs and whatever to build a fire.

My mother alerted the fire department just in case someone saw smoke and thought a house was on fire.  One year we had a spook house inside our home. Each family member had a job to do. Someone would stand behind a door and ring a bell and I don’t remember the other ‘duties’ except that of my father’s job. He would turn on the vacuum sweeper on peoples legs as they walked through.

My dad was having too much fun blowing air on the ladies legs and even mentioned he had the best job.

One time my grandmother showed up wearing a white hanky on her head and just said ‘boo I’m a ghost’.

My friends and I would go ‘trick or treating’ , door-to-door before the bonfire. I made an instrument with an empty wooden spool and a pencil. I wound the string around the spool that I had carved notches in, and put the pencil inside the holes. When I put the spool on a hard surface, such as a door, and held on to the pencil while I pulled the string. The spool made a spooky noise.

One man came out of his dark house when he heard the noise and accused me of doing something bad to his house. He scared me and we ran away from that house, obviously without candy. What a scrooge.

What do you remember about your childhood Halloween holiday?

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  1. Laureen….we “country kids” were introduced to Halloween pranks by our kid friends from town……with soap in hands we sneaked over to the newspaper office and were busy soaping. Out of the dark office came the editor and he was not nice to us !!!
    We only did this once !!!!!

    • Soap? I forgot about using that. I never did. I remember out houses getting turned over. Those were the country kids…ha

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