Halloween isn’t what it used to be

I had a bowl full of candy sitting by the door and waited until 7:45 for kids to come to the door. About 8 kids, two dressed up dogs and two dressed up parents showed up. And two of those kids were older and it was almost 9 p.m. when they rang the door bell.

The children weren’t smiling and laughing like I remember doing myself, and remember my kids having fun going up to people’s door. They just opened up the bag and said, trick or treat. I put candy into the bag and some said thank you.

No laughing, or smiling. Actually, they all looked a bit afraid.

The two little dogs looked like they were having more fun, wearing their little dresses. One of them tried to get into the house and had her nose in the candy bowl before I could stop her.

It honestly looked to me like the children were doing what they ‘had’ to do, not because it was fun.

I don’t understand the climate of society today. Where is the fun?




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