Got the material for Cambodia

The material for the Cambodian experience arrived and I studied the first few pages.  It tells me what I’m to do when I first arrive in Phnom Penh, and one item is to get a visa for a one month stay in Cambodia.

I’m not to ever be without my passport on my person, keep a small amount of money hidden under my clothing and it is not allowed for me to ride on a motorbike.

Only start out with no more that $100 at a time. ATM’s are available at 4.5% fee.  Dollars are used in most places, and change is given in Cambodian coins.

Shoes are taken off inside every house, don’t touch people on the head, don’t point your shoes at anyone, and eat with a fork and spoon, except for chopstick which are used for noodles.

There are vaccinations that are encouraged to get but are not the law. I must carry my medical prescription when I have medicines with me.

Use Deet, to ward off mosquitos that can lead to Dengue fever.

I’ve learned in my reading that Cambodian’s are extremely welcoming and friendly and that I’ll be a celebrity of sorts.

I will get time to spend in Phnom Penh and tours to the ocean beaches are arranged for a group that I’ll be part of.

I’m going a few days earlier than expected so I can get over jet lag and used to the heat before I embark on the program.

There’s more in the folder I’ve received and I’ll go through more of it later.







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  1. Laureen……do not point your shoes at anyone ?????? I need to know more about that !!!
    When do you leave ?

    • Hi Paula,

      I leave the U.S.on July 9th. The job ends June 30th so the weekend before that, I’ll be moving my stuff to storage. And after the 30th, I’ll go stay with Brad until I leave.
      When I return,I’m going to Colorado and Wyoming and then back to Calif. around November, I think now, anyway.


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