Got my wheels

I got the car yesterday at night because I had a late meeting. The meeting was in Carmel, and my car in Salinas. So I arranged for the car repair folks to leave my car outside with the keys under the mat.

The car rental folks did the same. I just dropped them in a key box . My roommate Regina drove my car back home after I had picked her up at the apartment.

It’s good to have my old wheels back even though I’m now in debt…but who isn’t?

So tomorrow is the big bash and I’m looking forward to it. I did everything that was expected of me, signing up volunteers and giving them the information they need. I have worked with some awesome people, who with experience with this big event, helped me along the way.

It’s so nice to work for a great executive director who always has a smile on her face and she’s so calm. What a great mentor even though she could be my daughter.

So there are some awesome volunteers who seem eager to get involved and have posed no real problems….just some minor changes, that when I was tired, it nearly overwhelmed me. Today was a great day, and tomorrow will be wonderful.

By the way, the event, Champions of the Arts honor artists who bring their talents into the community in awesome ways.

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  1. Laureen……Re : your big Sat. Event : BREAK a LEG !!
    Hope all goes well and you can enjoy it .
    Paula and Bud

    • Paula and Bud: the event turned out good, and the volunteers were wonderful. I’m glad it’s over.

      I will march tomorrow with the 20 year olds in the Martin Luther King march…it’s mandatory. Just hope I can keep up.

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