Goofin’ off

Still in Auburn, CA. until tomorrow. I drove to the OldTown and to Downtown to find the real Auburn and its history.

What I found were many shops selling the usual tourist goods. When looking at old towns, it always thrills me to see old buildings, old houses, post offices, old churches and schools, etc., but it’s getting to be more and more a place to buy more stuff we don’t need.

However, I did find an old drugstore that still had the original marble -top counter where you can belly up to the bar for ice cream and fountain drinks. I sat there for awhile until I realized the two workers in the store were too busy waiting on folks who had prescriptions to fill, so I left.

There were several art galleries full of some nice pieces. I also found a clock shop with new designs.  The town was busy and traffic is heavy, on the freeway and through the town.

I found Rally’s and bought some food to eat in my motel.

So tomorrow, I’m going to stay in San Francisco, and then return to Half Moon Bay. I’m thinking maybe the new landlady would let me move in a week earlier. I’ve been living out of my suitcase for nearly 5 months.


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