Goodbye Thorshovn

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  1. Paula and Bud

    We continue to enjoy all your writings and adventures, especially the pictures, we really liked seeing the picture of you. Glad to hear that you are finally seeing some of the royalties. A family friend was here visiting, and we convinced him that he needed to get your book, what great reading. We continue to beat the bushes for readers.
    Wishing you a safe trip, and looking forward to the next leg of your journey.
    Paula and Bud

    • Thanks again. I’m happy you enjoy my writing. It’s fun to share my adventure.

    • I’m here now in Reykjavik. I thought I’d fly out in a really small plane but there were about 12 people, all dressed for cold weather. It looked different in Akureyri..people in short sleeves. Changed planes and got on a bigger plane to fly to Reykjavik. More on the new place later. First I have to go find a place to exchange money. I’ve been so good about not losing anything, and now I find I’ve lost my coin purse. Didn’t have much in it, so guess I’ll get another one soon. Thanks for the comment Paula and Bud.

  2. Paula and Bud

    Wishing you pleasant travels. Mom wanted me to let you know that her brother, Bob, passed away last night. Pretty hard on her. She wanted you to know. Thanks for being a good friend to both of them. They love you !

  3. Wow, hello I just find this blog maybe you remember me im the kid in a shop…
    In þórshöfn… You have a nice blog 😛

    • Are you the fisherman? If so, of course I remember you. If not, remind me again about our conversation.

      Thanks for your comment and keep reading. I’ll be in the Faroe Islands on June 11. I miss Thorshovn. I thought it was a beautiful town with very nice people.

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