Goodbye Germany!

Goodbye Germany – it’s been wunderbar!

Tomorrow will be my last moment in Germany.  I leave in the morning for Arnhem, Holland. I’ll be picked up at the train station by Paul Boes, and will stay with him and his partner Dorry, until Sunday, and then I’ll leave for the town of Oss. More about that later.

First things first: my six weeks in Germany has fulfilled more of my dreams than I could ever imagine.

I got to renew my friendship with relatives that I claim as my own, whom I inherited from my husband, Will. Every single one of them treated me like I was something special. I love them and treasure them probably more than they know.

Then there was Berlin and a special time to explore the city with my friend Marilyn McCord from Colorado. We celebrated Christmas and New Years in Berlin…and I will always hold dear those three weeks with my friend.

Michael Madden, owner of Hotel Romerhof in Bingen on the Rhine


I have to hold up the city of Bingen as my favorite town in Germany. This is a special place, and even more special to me, as it brings back memories of the first time I saw the Rhine River all those years ago. Ever since then – 1985 – I have wanted to spend more time close to the river and I got to do that this past week.

It has helped that I found a hotel that will go down as one of my favorites in my ten month journey, so far.

Michael Madden owns and operates the award winning Hotel Romerhof at the young age of twenty-two. Every single person on the staff is friendly and very capable. It receives the most stars possible.

There are friendly people in Bingen, many of whom have helped me my find my way in the town, and especially Hildegard W.- the lady I met and who walked with me to the information center and Christiana – the lady who told me about Hildegard’s forum. (the Hildegard from the 1400s, not the lady I met while in Bingen.)  There are many references to Saint Hildegard in Bingen; from women given that name to businesses and streets.

Hildegard is a historical figure from the 1400s and is considered a saint.

Because of Christiana’s information, and backed up by Michael, I got on a small bus – more like a van – and found the forum and later the Klopp Castle where the Mayor of Bingen has his office. Imagine that!

Fancy door handle

Meet with the Mayor of Bingen in his Castle-office

The van driver was a smiling, happy guy, and wanted to be certain that I got delivered where I wanted to go, so when someone got on the bus who spoke English, she translated between us and it worked; I got to visit the forum and the castle, as well.


Archway to the castle in Bingen

While waiting for the van back to town from the forum, I saw a nun who was pushing something inside the convent gate. I asked if I could take her photo, and I didn’t know if she said yes or no. But she kept smiling so I thought it would be okay, and that’s the shot of her you see behind the gate.

Can I take a photo? Yes? No? Maybe?


Goodbye Bingen! Goodbye Rhine River! Goodbye Germany!


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  1. Laureen……our trip through Germany with you was also wunderbar .Thank you !
    The pictures…door handle, the castle,the archway and the little nun, all great subjects.
    We look forward to Holland.
    Paula and Bud

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