Good friends

My good friend, and traveling companion has invited me to stay at her place in Vallecito, Colorado throughout August, when I return from Cambodia. At some point, she’ll be gone and then I’ll house/pet sit.

I haven’t seen her new house since leaving Vallecito, but know it’s a beauty that sits high on a hill in the rockies. Our house was at 8,000 feet so hers is higher still. In case you don’t know Vallecito, it is north east of Durango, Colorado, near the Southern Ute Indian tribe and the four corners area of the U.S.

So looks like Wyoming may be after the August time in Vallecito. What I do when I return from Cambodia will be in the works as time gets closer.

I’m still in the process of working through the AmeriCorps, Albany University, Global service corps, etc to find out how the stipend is released to Albany.

But it will happen!


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