Glitches and red tape

I’ve been working on making my Americorps job with the Monterey County Arts Commission official and I’ve encountered several glitches and red tape.

I was first accepted by Monterey Arts, and then I learned that I then had to be accepted by Americorps. I filled out an online application, but the Americorps supervisor couldn’t find it to accept me.

But just a minute ago, I called the national hotline and they fixed it….I hope.

Now I must find a place to live and a roommate to share the expenses. From what I understand there is housing on the CSUMB campus, that I can probably use, but then the roommate issue comes up. How do I get a roommate when I’m in San Jose and the apartment is in Monterey?

I’ve been told that Craigslist is good for that, but then, how do I make certain that I don’t get an axe murderer instead of a roommate? Guess I’ll have to trust my instincts. Actually, I’m just spoofing on the above. I’m certain I’ll find the perfect person, and I’ll be the perfect person for that person.

What an adventure my life is in my senior years. Never a dull moment, that is unless you call house sitting with no distractions, but a garden and a dog that needs to be walked twice a day.

Oh, I’ve been reading a lot, and just finished Madeline Albright’s book about her life during WWII. I learned that she actually attended high school in Denver during the same time I was attending high school. She went to a private school, Kent, while I attended West High School. I believe she probably got a better education than I. I’m still getting mine.

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