Give me that old time radio

It was by accident, or maybe it was meant to be. I found a radio station on the internet that plays old stories such as The Whisler, Suspense, etc.  I almost didn’t get to sleep last night listening.

I imagined I was in front of my families radio, lying down on the rug listening to the stories and getting scared. Oh those old sounds: squeaky doors, laughing crazy people, old voices, or young and innocent. Men’s feet walking on hardwood floors, women’s high heels, people coughing in the distance, sounds of tinkling glasses and lots of huffs and puffs, pshaw, whews, and flirting over smoking cigarettes.

Cant’s wait to find Dragnet…”just the facts, ma’am.”

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  1. The Shadow knows…..

    • Yes, I remember The Shadow….really scary. I haven’t found that one yet.

      This is what I do when I get home because there’s no place to sit, so I climb up on my bed and listen to old radio. It’s my kind of fun.

  2. Laureen…..
    …..what memories of Radio Days !
    Our favorite was One Mans Family….a family named Barber…setting was S.F.
    It may have been local

    • Paula: I don’t remember those, but last night I listened again to Suspense. I know it’s suppose to scare you, but I thought it was funny.

  3. Did you ever listen to “Let’s Pretend” and the comics on Sunday morning?

    • Yes Sumi: here’a the advertisement: “Oh Creme of Wheat is so good to eat, I have it everyday.” Then, the story begins.

      I remember it in the morning, but I thought it was Saturday, because we went to church every Sunday. Was it on early on Sunday’s?

      Also on Sunday afternoon, I read the funnies from The Denver Post.

  4. Let’s Pretend was Saturdays. Comics were Sunday.

  5. Laureen…..
    Re: THE FUNNIES …..and in my head…I still think of them as THE FUNNIES!

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